Adele & Tilly At Central Perk

About Gray Hop

You may be wondering, who the hell are Gray Hop Digital? Let us tell you!

We’re Tilly and Adele, two freelance digital marketers living and working in St.Neots, Cambridgeshire. We first met in the school playground when we were just 5 years of age, and after years of heart wrenching separation, we ended up working together in the same marketing agency – the world works in mysterious ways.

Since then, we’ve both been developing our digital marketing skills and discovering our strengths – Tilly being more socially creative, and Adele being more techy and analytical – we compliment each other so well, don’t you think?

Working in agencies for nearly a decade, we sometimes felt overstretched and unable to offer every client the highest quality of help and advice – it just didn’t match our vibe. So together, one night over pizza and cocktails (okay, Diet Coke), we discussed joining forces and starting an exciting new venture.

And with that Gray Hop Digital was born (maybe not straight away, the name was difficult to come up with and we were going to be called Muggle Marketing for quite some time) with the aim of:

“focusing on a handful of clients, offering them a completely bespoke service, making them feel like we’re actually a part of their team, and not just another agency”.

Does your vibe fit with ours? Get in touch!