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What we offer

What can Gray Hop Digital bring to your marketing? Magic!

Well, maybe not wizardry witchcraft (we are still waiting for our letters from Hogwarts, after all), but if you’ve read our homepage you’ll have seen a little list of the typical services that we can offer to help with your digital marketing and websites’ performance.

Missed it? Luckily it’s here too ;p However, as we pride ourselves on offering each and every client something unique to them and their needs, the best way to find out what we can bring to you and your team is…to get in touch.

In the meantime, here’s that list with a bit of blurb, enjoy!

Digital marketing strategy and planning

Starting at the very beginning, and typically what is included in most of our packages, is a digital marketing strategy – essentially, the approach we’d recommend you take to meet your objectives – and it could be a one-off campaign strategy, or a 12 month, or even longer, all-in strategy.

Once agreed…we can help with the timing too. Whether we create a content plan for you to follow, or for us to implement, it can, and most likely will, be centered around your other marketing plans, so it’s all beautifully aligned to get you the best results.

On-page and off-page SEO

We may surprise you by saying this but…SEO isn’t right for everyone!

It is the most common service we get asked about and, of course, we can help you with it, if it is right for you – so we’ll first carry out some research, find out if your target audience looks for your products and/or services via organic search, check out the competition, and double check – the last thing we want is you wasting budget on something that isn’t going to get you the results you need.

If it is right for you, we’ll then carry out; full keyword research and competitor analysis, recommend a strategy, and SEO the relevant pages (could be your FAQ’s or a blog post too, not just your landing pages), URL’s etc.

We also offer link building services (the off-page part), gaining links back to your website from other relevant websites and quality content.

Influencer collaborations

Interested in working with influencers but not sure where to start? Not a problem, we’ve built up strong relationships with some of the leading social stars and can work with them, on your behalf, to get your product or service out there.

We’ll start by researching what social stars best match your products, services and objectives, running them through our strict vetting process – unfortunately it’s easy for people to fake it – contacting them to get a copy of their media kit and statistics, and managing all the communications between you and them to make sure the collaboration works for both of you.

PPC – Google Ads and social media advertising

With a Google Accreditation in Google search ads, we specialise in setting-up and/or managing search ad accounts and campaigns. We also have vast experience in social media advertising including; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn , and can recommend the best platform for you based on your target audience and objectives.

We can start with an audit of your accounts and make recommendations, which we’ll happily let you implement yourselves, or we can make the changes for you and monitor, analyse, and tweak on a monthly basis.

Social media management

We know social media can be daunting, and knowing how active you should or shouldn’t be, and what platforms you should spend time and resources on can be confusing too.

Panic no more, whether you are looking for someone to fully manage your accounts with little input from yourself, or help with the planning and ideas creation only, we’re here for you – we’ll start with some research to understand industry trends and what your competitors are up to, create a content plan with our ideas, and send you some example posts – you’ll have the overall say so.

Content creation

Going hand-in-hand with all our other digital marketing services is our content creation – and not just written content too. Well experienced, we specialise in blog posts and landing page copy for your website, which can also be used for your social media content – double whammy!

And, although we are not professional photographers, we can create authentic lifestyle images which can also be used as part of your social media or in your blog posts.

We also know of professional photographers and videographers who we can recommend or manage for you, if you need higher-end imagery or videos for the rest of your website.

Google Analytics and Tag Manager

The key to tracking the success of your digital marketing, we are experienced in both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. We can help with the set-up and on-going management of both platforms, and will use your Google Analytics account as a major resource for all reporting on how your website is performing.

Although Google Tag Manager is not a must, we would highly recommend it for tracking how people are engaging with your website, as it can save the expense of using a web developer for event tracking.

User experience analysis & conversion optimisation

Quite often our clients want to understand more about how users engage with their website and how they can increase the time they spend and the conversions they make. With the use of tools such as Hotjar, we can begin to understand this and make recommendations.

This service is also incredibly useful if you are looking to change the look and feel of your current website as it allows you to make informed decisions, and measure the success of the changes.

Competitor analysis

You’ll see we’ve mentioned above, quite a few times, how we will ‘look to see what your competitors are up’. This is because competitor analysis is such an important stage of all digital marketing, and not because we want to copy them, but because we want to outperform them. Although it is included in most of the services we offer, we can also carry out one-off competitor analysis projects too.

Bespoke training packages

We understand that it can be difficult trying to allocate your budget across so many activities on a monthly basis so we are more than happy to offer you bespoke training so you can try and carry out as much of your digital marketing yourself.